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Adult Whooping Cough Vaccination

There has been a resurgence of whooping cough in the community and this vaccine is recommended for

  • Women planning pregnancy
  • New Parents
  • Those in contact with a newborn (including grandparents)
  • Child Care Workers
  • Adults who want protection.

We have the vaccine available. Please enquire about the cost when making your appointment.

Childhood Immunisation

There are some changes to the childhood immunisation schedule

  • 2 months immunisations can now be given from 6 weeks of age (all other vaccinations should be administered at the usual scheduled times)
  • Similarly the 4 year vaccines can be administered from 3 years & 6 months

All other vaccinations should be administered at the usual scheduled times.

The new 12 month schedule Hib -Meningococcal and MMR.

At 18 month it is combined MMR and Varicella

QML Pathology QML Pathology now have a collection room located within our practice. Their hours of operation are 8.00am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday. The service is available to our patients as well as anyone in the general community.

Flu Vaccination


The government funded seasonal flu vaccine is now available for those who are eligible.

Pregnant women, anyone over the age of 65 years, indigenous Australians and Torres Straight Islanders aged 15-64, and anyone at risk of severe outcomes from seasonal flu (like those with heart disease, lung problems, asthma, kidney disease, diabetes and poor immunity) are eligible.

Please note a consultation fee for providing the vaccine still applies.

People who are unwell with influenza should always isolate themselves from others by staying away from gatherings and trying to limit the spread of the illness.

People who are vulnerable to serious complications of influenza should ensure they reconsider their attendance at events as contact with large numbers of people can increase the risk of coming into contact with the infection.

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